Are Marketing Costs Eating into Your Profits?

Attention Business Owners:

 Would you like to market like Fortune 500 companies—but at small business prices?

See the Magic of Virtual 360° and Social WiFi

If bringing customers to your doorstep is your goal. A proven tool is 360° Video. It allows you to invite thousands of people in a single click. Viewers tend to watch 360 Degree videos an average of 4X—which also increases your Google ratings. Add Social WiFi when they do cross your threshold, and create a customer-for-life connection that allows you to send direct messages.

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You'll be surprised to learn that through the power of technology, features once only available to big businesses, will likely cost less than you less than you are paying now. You'll be reaping greater returns with new customers and more sales.


is the solution!​​​​​​​

Paula Slavens—owner of Personalized Video Ads, LLC—has been an entrepreneur since 2000 as a personal historian (writing books and creating videos for families and businesses). Expanding to a Digital Marketing Agency allows her to help more businesses grow and flourish as they integrate video into their marketing strategies.

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As a digital marketing agency, we solve customers' problems. Whereas our focus is video, we also provide fundamental needs for running a successful business. Some of our services include:

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What's the Cost?

Personalized Video and 360-Degree Video provide the highest value for your advertising dollars.